The Grouse Inn


A Warm Welcome to The Grouse Inn!

The Grouse Inn is now back in the very capable hands of The Grouse’s previous tenants Mark Narey and Karl Rowlett. They bring with them their experienced team of chefs, front of house staff and the high standard of food and service that they have been renowned for over the previous decade.

The Grouse has had a complete refurbishment both front of house and in the kitchen. The new menu has all your old favourites including tipsy chicken, beef stew and dumplings, Karl’s famous steak pie, sticky toffee pudding and steamed ginger suet pudding and custard as well as some new dishes thrown in there for good measure!

Why not come and visit us and enjoy the warm Yorkshire hospitality, great home cooked food and fantastic views that The Grouse Inn is famous for.

Food Service Hours:

12pm to 9pm Monday - Saturday

12pm to 8pm Sunday and Bank Holidays

About The Grouse Inn…

Nestled high above the Worth Valley, with breath-taking views over the Brontë Sisters’ famous moors, the Grouse Inn offers a true Yorkshire welcome. You can be assured of the very best in home-cooked food, real Yorkshire Ales (from Timothy Taylor’s, no less!), a well-stocked wine cellar and a view to match any in the country.

There is a patio, beer garden & grassed area to enjoy in the summer, and real open fires in winter to add to the warmth of welcome you will receive here at the Grouse Inn.

The Grouse boasts a cosy snug area (dogs welcome in here), private function room with views across the valley and of course our recently refurbished large bar area. Food is served throughout the Inn and outside.


Please explore our new website for details of upcoming events, special offers and much more!

Exploring Wonderful Tenerife - An unforgettable holiday

If you are planning to visit a European country, I strongly recommend you visit Spain; it is one of the most beautiful countries not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Spain attracts tourists with its spectacular landscape that varies from those showing a calm sea to those white ones of the mountains.

You can find many things to do in Tenerife on the Teide Trips website .

However, this is not the only attraction in Spain; people visit it because it is a country with a very interesting culture and wonderful traditions, with beautiful architecture and cosmopolitan buildings and last, but not least, Spain is a country with a lot of islands. One of the most famous islands is Tenerife. Tenerife is situated in the Canary Islands and it is one of those places where both singles and tourists that travel with their families and children will always find something to do in order to fete their tastes and needs.

Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning Services at The Grouse Inn

Carpets add to the beauty of the place where they are laid out. People are very keen about their carpets and import them from all over the world. Carpets have a price range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. People choose to either carpet the house completely or lay out pieces on the tiled or marbled floors. Carpets are also laid out in the center of the sitting area, corridors, and hallways.

With the passage of time carpets get dirty, and they tend to lose their look, and this dust can destroy the texture of the carpet. It is recommended that the carpets must be washed over a specific period to keep them dust free and hygienic as dust also harbors bacteria and other germs causing various diseases. There are many Caerphilly carpet cleaning services, so if you are looking for a carpet cleaning in the area of Caerphilly, you need to make sure that they are professionals and don not rip you off from your money and time causing you the unwanted hassle. If you are hiring a carpet cleaner to make sure of the following:

  • They are professionals.
  • They have the updated machinery and gear to do carpet cleaning.
  • They are certified by the concerned authorities to do the work.
  • Remember to check out the customer feedback and testimonials.
  • Do check out the before and after photos of their work.

Carpet cleaning is carried out by different methods depending on the type and texture of the carpet. Following are some of the methods commonly used for the process of carpet cleaning.

  • Hot water extraction:

Hot water is used to extract the dust and other stains from the carpets.

  • Dry-cleaning:

Dry cleaning is the process where water is not used, and the carpet is cleaned using the machines. There are various types of methods of dry cleaning the carpet such as a dry compound, encapsulation and vacuum wash.

  • Steam cleaning:

Carpets can also be cleaned with the help of steam. This is also a very effective method.

Carpets can also be washed domestically without the help of any professional carpet cleaners, but however, it is strongly recommended to use a professional carpet cleaner to have a perfect look back on the carpet.

If all the steps mentioned above are followed, then your experience of carpet cleaning will be a very good one, and you will feel the difference before and after carpet cleaning.


Contact details:

For any bookings or enquiries please call us on 01535 643073. Alternatively we can be contacted via Email at [email protected] . Booking is recommended especially on Weekends and Bank Holidays, although not essential as we will always do our very best to find you a table.

Recent Posts

The Benefits of Roof Repairs

Recently at the Grouse Inn we had to get our roof repaired due to some leak issues.  Now, everything is good as new, so we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of getting your roof repaired.  One of the most neglected areas of your hotel or home is the roof that saves it from outer effects. Many hotel and homeowners never look at the roof because they believe that it will never require any maintenance and will last forever.

The roof loses half of its age if it doesn’t receive regular care and maintenance at regular intervals. There are some things you can do yourself, but usually, you’ll need to hire a professional.  Here are some benefits of maintaining your roof and inspecting the repairs that will make it clear for you just how important it is to get your roof fixed before any major problems arise.

Ultimate Protection:

The roof on your hotel or home does not only provide the ultimate protection for your family and guests, but it also keeps everything secure that is inside your home. It works as a defense against severe weather, rain, wind and other elements.

If you want to make sure it stays that way, you need to stay on top of things.  A great way to do that for cheap is to get free roof repair estimates from local contractors.  Book an appointment today for the inspection of your roof to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Several problems are revealed with the proper inspection of your roof that you didn’t know existed.

Rotting, mold and algae, large gaps in between the slates or cracks in the wood or spaces are some of those issues. Your entire home’s roof frame can be weakened due to these major issues.

Money Saving:

The amount of money that you spend matters a lot, whether you have a strong roof that is cared for and also in the one that is in poor condition because it is neglected. If you want to avoid major repairs then you must take preventative measures. You can simply save hundreds of dollars in major roof repairs by regular maintenance and small repair.

During severe weather, you can save thousands of dollars if you have a secure roof. You need to depend on your roof at the times of heavy rains, tornadoes and other kinds of severe weather.

Add Value to Your Home:

If you ever decide to sell your home you’ll find that a clean, regularly maintained and free from all big repairs roof will pay you more than the one that is dirty and destroyed. A healthy and well-maintained roof helps the consumer save money in the long run. Your friends, family, and neighbors will appreciate the curb appeal that a beautiful roof adds to the home.

Lower Your Energy Bills:

Drafts start running all throughout your house in the case of a leaky roof. In order to keep your home comfortable, your heater or air conditioner will run harder. You will experience a large increase in your energy bill every month.

A well-maintained roof will help you save hundreds of dollars annually. A maintenance team can inspect the entire roof so that they may point out the possible leaks for you. Thus, your utilities will be lowered if you tightly seal your home from drafts.

Now that you have learned the staggering benefits of roof repairs it’s time for you to run a check on your roof so that you may save more money in the long run.

Where to Find the Right Home Remedies for Roaches

Nobody wants their homes to get invaded by roaches. The last thing you would want to see is several roaches crawling in your kitchen. Although you can always use the chemical for their prevention, remember companies selling these chemicals for killing cockroaches are expensive and toxic as well. So, if you have small children, infants, or pets in your home, these chemicals should not be your option. But, you don’t need to worry because there are many home remedies for roaches at Modesto pest control to prevent their infestation. I am sure nobody told you that earlier. The best part is they are cheap and free of chemicals.

Leading Causes of Roach Infestation

  • Poor hygiene
  • Irregular pest control
  • Uncovered food items
  • Presence of holes and cracks

Signs to Look Out for Roach Infestation

  • Shell casings of eggs
  • Cockroach feces that resembles ground coffee
  • A massive infestation may lead to musty odor
  • Dead cockroaches from time to time
  • The sound of roaches scurrying
  • Prolong diarrhea and stomach issues in small children

Home Remedies for Roaches

The following home remedies work in different ways. Some of these natural ingredients act as repellents that keep the roaches away from your home while some other natural ingredients kill them permanently.

So, let’s have a look at some of the home remedies forroaches.

Home Remedies for Roaches
Photo source: www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Roaches

Moth Balls

Roaches do not like the smell of moth balls. In order eliminate cockroaches from your kitchen and rooms, you can place moth balls around your home strategically. In your kitchen, you can put it under the sink, beneath the strove, in the cabinet and furniture pillows as well. As Moth balls are harmful to human health, so make sure to keep them away from food storages and prep.


A rapidly used item for natural prevention from roaches in cedar. Some cedar, balls, chips and blocks can be purchased and placed in some regions of the house that can be helpful in killing cockroaches and another bug. From a long time cedar is being used to kill bugs naturally.


Catnip, like a bay leaf, is a herb that acts as a natural repellant. The active ingredient in it is the Nepetalactone that proves to be toxic to the roaches but not to humans.

All you need to do is:

  • Get little catnip sachets and abandon them cockroach settlement.
  • Stew one tablespoon of catnip in some water to make catnip tea. Take a shower container and fill this arrangement in it. Then you can shower it to the baseboards, behind counters, cockroaches settlement and wherever to dispose of insects.
  • Precautionary Measure: As this herb is alright for pets, it can make felines go crazy, therefore if you have a cat or a kitten in your home, you can use other home remedies for roaches mentioned here.
  • Ammonia-Water

The smell of ammonia acts as a repellent for the roaches. Therefore, make your habit to clean the kitchen with water and ammonia.

  1. Pour the ammonia solution in a bucket of water
  2. Now use this solution in every possible place
  3. Soon the roaches will go away, but you need to repeat this for at least two weeks.

Photo source: http://www.howtogetridofroachesandpests.com/

Traps of Soda Bottle

Although you can buy a roach trap from the market, if you want to save some bucks try making your soda bottle traps. All you need to do is:

  1. Take the plastic bottle of soda and remove its uppermost part with the help of a cutting apparatus.
  2. Now take this segregated upper part of the bottle and place it in transforming position into the body of the bottle. It is necessary to remove its cap, and the resulting product will be much more like a pop jug with a pipe.
  3. To hold the positions align, take help of a tape.
  4. Now blend a small amount of water with cleanser and pour in the bottle. You require a small solution.
  5. Then put your natively constructed cockroach ploy at a place where you are certain to find bugs.
  6. Insects will move stealthily into the container and choke to death.

Cayenne Pepper

Some herbs like bay leaves, catnip, and cayenne pepper act as a natural repellant for roaches. The existence of cayenne pepper in your home would make the roaches go away from your home. Now we are not sure whether it’s the smell of cayenne pepper or some other ingredient in it, but it is an effective natural roach repellant.

  1. You will need cayenne/red pepper, with the quantity of approximately one to spoon.
  2. Mix garlic clove, pepper you chose and white onion together.
  3. Take some amount of water and add this mixture to the bubbling boiling water.
  4. Take it off the stove and let it chill off.
  5. Empty this mixture in splash container and shower in the insect-plagued regions.

Hair Spray

The spray makes the wings of the roaches stick together, and they get trapped. Also, as mentioned earlier, the roaches breathe through their skin, so when sprayed, their orifices become clogged, and they get suffocated.


  • Listerine makes a good cockroach repellant.
  • Mix equal drops of water and Listerine and add two drops of dishwashing soap.
  • Use a spray can to accumulate this mixture.
  • Sprinkle in areas of high roach population.
  • Trust me; they will soon leave your home.

Petroleum Jelly

  • This trap for cockroaches is not hard to arrange.
  • To set this trap, get a wide mouthed jug or shake and apply some petroleum stick on the internal edge of the jug.
  • Put some organic product peels, for instance, apple, banana or mango inside the container. Keep this jug overnight without closing it in your kitchen and bathroom (which is frequented by the cockroach)
  • The smell of the fruit peels will lure the cockroaches, and they will try to reach the container, and once they do, they get caught inside the jug because of the petroleum stick on the edge of the jug.
  • Next morning, discharge the container along with the roaches.

Some Precautionary Measures to Prevent Roach Infestations:

  • Use non-toxic disinfectants to keep your home clean
  • Seal all the cracks and holes in your home
  • Make sure to seal the drain pipes
  • Use the dustbins with lids.